Welcome to Decken Coating

Welcome to Decken Coatings an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company is self committed for consistent and continuous development of new and advance range of products, maintaining the highest standards, supreme quality and customer satisfaction. Offering paints and coatings for every surface from granite to garrison armory, from floor to facades, glass to composites, wood to plastics and many more substrates.

Advancements in the field of polymers chemistry has led to remarkable innovations in the coatings formulations and at Decken Coatings, we strive to incorporate the innovative concepts in paint making.

We now welcome you to view the panorama of our product line and would be delighted to receive your enquiries on products of your interest.

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  • Automotive Coatings

    Decken Coatings provides a range of Topcoats and Clear coats tthe refinish industries +more

  • Industrial Coatings

    DC Lumineux :  is a multipurpose 100% polyurethane finish for Chemical +more

  • Glass Coatings

    DC Glass Coatings is a specialized systems for glass coatings for different +more

  • Wood Coatings

    DC Woody : is wood coat system available in both Exterior and Interior finishes. +more


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It is important that our range of products can be used by the technical painters to get adequate results. We also provide services through our trained professionals.